How To Choose The Perfect Frame For Your Face

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How To Choose The Perfect Frame For Your Face

With so many different styles of glasses available on the market these days it is quite a daunting task to choose the perfect style of glasses to suit your face. 

Good thing is in this blog post we give you some key points in choosing the frame that will suit you best.

The first step in finding your perfect pair of frames is to identify your face shape.

There are seven main face shapes:

Oval: Often regarded as the best shape due to its symmetry. Frames that best suit this face shape are ones that span the entire width of the face which are most glasses styles.

Heart-shaped (base-up triangle): This face shape is narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. 

Oblong: The facial length is approximately double the facial width. 

Longer frames such as aviator glasses will suit this shape.

Square: This face shape is when your jaw and forehead have roughly the same width. 

Diamond: This is when you have a narrow forehead, more distinct cheek bones and a narrower jaw. Oval or cat-eye frames are best.

Round: Smooth lines make the width and length of the face essentially the same, a round face needs frames that add angles and length.

Narrow, rectangular, and rimless frames suit round faces well.

Base-down triangle: This face shape is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. A frame that highlights the upper face looks best.

Frames with tops that are decorated and heavily coloured suit this face shape.

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