Why Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Important?

Why Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Important?

Why are blue light blocking glasses important?

We live in a digital age which means we are constantly surrounded by screens such as TVs, laptops, cellphones and other LED screens for example in your car. These screens emit blue light which is naturally emitted by the sun.

Our eyes weren't designed to handle such high-energy visible light at a close proximity from the source and for extended periods of time. Overexposure (more than 3 hours a day) has many negative effects on the body such as poor or irregular sleep patterns, digital eyestrain, red or dry eyes, poor concentration, headaches and migraines as well as could lead to macular degeneration.  

What do blue light glasses do?

Our blue light blocking or blue light filter glasses are specially designed to filter some of the highest energy wavelengths of visible light (400-440 nm).

Optic-Blu lenses are clear (with a barely noticeable yellow tint) which means colour temperature is not affected this is important if you work in design etc so the colours aren't distorted. 

The above image shows how our blue light blocking glasses compare to regular glasses when they undergo the blue light test. Regular glasses allow the visible high-energy wavelengths to pass straight through whereas our anti-blue light lenses filters out the harmful wavelengths. 

By using a pair of our blue light glasses you are taking a step to enhance your overall quality of life. 

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  • Siyavuya Mthethwa

    I love the glasses they are of a great quality and modern design, they exactly like i expected them to be. They fit properly and they help a lot by reducing the brightness of the light especially when you spend most of your time busy on a computer or in the sun outside…

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